How to get rid of toadstools

When I moved to my current house, which is very nice, we had a problem with toadstools. There was a swathe of the blighters across our front lawn. Conversations with our longer-resident neighbours confirmed our worst fears.

"Oh, they've been there a long time. There used to be trees growing there. YOu'll never get rid of them."

Talk about Red Rag to a Bull.

It can't be that difficult, I thought. So, one season I picked them as soon as they appeared. And they reappeared.

Next year I dug each clump out individually. And they reappeared.

But eventually, I've worked it out. But it will take 2-3 seasons.

You will need grass seed, a seed tray (or, in my case, a cleaned oil collection tray) compost and a spade. This can only be undertaken during grass growing season - May to September-ish. You can probably use turf, but you will still need compost as turf will not be thick enough and you will need small, irregular shaped amounts over the year, so seed worked better for me.

Plant the seed in the tray. Keep damp. Depending upon your infestation, you might want to get several trays going.

When the seeds have sprouted, you need to cut out the spores. Use your spade and cut out the whole grass area, leaving a 2-3 inch gap from the edge of the toadsools to the cut. Go down about 3 inches. Don't mess about between adjacent clumps, cut it all out in one. You will now be left with an earthy gash where your lawn (and toadstools) were.You might see a sliver of white in the soil - this will be the spores in the soil. This is why it keeps coming back. Until you can clear that out, they will reappear.

Now plant your grass en masse in the gaps. Water it well and regularly if rain is not forecast. I found the best time to do all this was in the rain as the earth was soft.

Stick the cut out grass / toadstools / soil in a green refuse sack and dispose of down the recycling tip.Don't use it in your compost for obvious reasons!

If necessary, grow more seed to fill the gaps. I had swathes of holes for a while until I grew enough.When you cut the grass, chuck some cut grass in. It's good for mulching and hides the gaps for a while.

You should now have a toadstool-free lawn with patches of newer grass. That's it for this year.

Next season (and the next) you probably will get a few clusters pop up where you missed the underground spores. Repear the process, always remembering to leave a 3 inch margin from the edge of the toadstools to your cut and remember to cut 3 inches down.

Season 3, if you're unlucky, you might stll get a few, so repeat.


I did all this 3-4 years ago and have not had a single toadstool pop up after the third season.


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