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Andy Crowhurst @ Pulse Corporation Ltd

What don't I do?

I only provide Access Control Services. I do not work with Alarms, CCTV or Fire (unless to interface to them).


I don't install Motorised doors or turnstiles. I work by myself and those activities tends to be a 2 or more person job. Happy to interface to them once installed, though


I don't provide Support/Maintenance Contracts. As I work for myself I would not be able to provide a 5/7 or 7/7 or 24/7 support service. I can be called out at short notice if available and the main system that I recommend - Paxton - has a vast installer base that you can draw from if you do need a support Contract or I am unavailable in your timescales.

For new installs, I'll install it then you can negotiate the level of support that you need from any of the many installers.


I only work within a reasonable radius of Maidenhead, Berkshire. No more than about an hour or so drive if you want me to be more precise. Hot places with nice beaches are the exception to this rule.


This may all sound arrogant but it's not. I work within my skillsets and can provide a good service within that. If I start stretching my skills or territory I won't do as good a job. My ongoing work with current clients, despite being a one-man-band are testament to the fact that I do do a good job in installing and maintaining their equipment.


Call me for a free chat to see if I can help: 07973 13 55 75

Contact me

If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact me on:

07973 13 55 75


(Please keep to work hours unless it's an emergency - thank you)



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